Love Over Gold (album version)

by Natalie Matos

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A track from the new album 'eXhale', Love Over Gold was the single that supported the albums crowdfunding campaign
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Pretty little boy with his tanks and toys don’t know which way to go
Left his soul many years ago when he sold his life untold
Promises made about a life so sweet with catches for one and all
Pretty little boy believed it all, until his heart became so small,
yes his heart became so small

Cause we all have a choice, that includes you and me
We can choose to live our lives in a way that’s free

Pretty little girl with her hair so prim looks around to find some gold
Sadly for her the gold won’t help to let the truth unfold
She comes across a man, his heart is almost stone
But she sparks a light, a belief in him
And love takes over the show
Love returns them to what’s known


Life is short, life is sweet, we can decide which way to go
So let’s listen to our souls and take love over gold
Let’s take love over gold


Cause if we have a choice
Yes, if we have a choice
If we have a choice, let’s take the road that leads to Love
let’s take the road that leads to Love


released January 4, 2015
Natalie Matos acoustic guitar and vocals
Philipp Meshcheryakov (Russia) bass & keys
Vivek Phillip (India) drums
Wendon Davis (UK) congas
Produced by: Vivek Philip
Mixed by Craig Warnock, Sean Hennessy, Huntersounds (UK)
Mastered by: Pete Maher (UK)



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Natalie Matos गोवा, India

Natalie’s music has often been described as a ‘massage to the heart’. Her latest album ‘eXhale’ (created through the crowdfunding campaign, Life Surprises) offers a more integrated approach to her songs.
A reflection of Natalie’s own extraordinary life, ‘eXhale’ is set to spread the inspiring message that anything is possible if you have the courage to follow your heart and your passions!
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